Everything, is about the ‘students‘.

The attention span of any kid, in spite of their age is 0. Therefore, if you can effectively engage your students, then you are indeed, a teacher.

An ideal classroom is one without borders. In view of this, a class is defined as a process of interactions between the teacher, and the learners, and between the learners and a class room group such that, in classroom exercises, the activities and interactions of  learners are what should be celebrated the most.

A teacher should be more concerned about learners having high thinking ability, understanding the curriculum and applying what they learn in solving basic life issues -Mrs Bankole Gbemiga, Edves catalyst 2019.

This way, the teacher goes beyond merely teaching. You will succeed in inculcating in them, a high level of thinking and perception. Teaching is not only about students passing examinations after, fulfillment comes from knowing that a child is able to digest and apply what he/she has been taught in real life.

This implies that a teacher must understand the learners in his/her inorder to properly engage them.There are 3 kinds of learners; those that can only learn by what they see, those that learn by what they hear, and those that learn by actions. 

For a teacher to engage effectively, you must be able to provide a classroom environment that will take care of all 3 categories of learners so no one is left behind. 

It is not all about teaching them to pass, but teaching for innovation.

Teachers should enforce critical thinking, which is the problem solving methodology of teaching, because the aim is to get students to solve problems in this 21st century. 

Another factor is that teaching is a profession of paradigm and requires a paradigm shift. 

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