“Growth is as a result of an action”-Rotimi Eyitayo,2019.

Merely going for seminars and conferences, or just engaging with mentors alone is not ‘Growth’. Growth is an outcome, the eventual outcome of a school’s condition of health, because, in reality, the health of a school leads to the growth of the school.

There is no such thing as an organization in a school system. The organization consists of the school owner and staff of the school. The real school therefore, is the ‘Educator’. There certainly won’t be a school without an educator, therefore, to succeed as a school owner, one needs a reliable workforce which comprises educators mostly.

In other words, to build a culture of excellence, one of the things to note is that the growth of the school is tied to the growth of the staff at all levels. You also need to identify what culture really means to you.
Culture is expressed as a way and manner in which people do things. People fall in love with culture. Excellence has nothing to do with perfection, because, for something to be perfect, it means it cannot be improved upon, but excellence can.

Excellence is hence, formed through a positive culture.

There are 6 steps to creating a Culture:

You must define the desired culture you want.
Assess your current culture.
Identify help or higher help.
Invest in building the brand.
Make sure that there is a culture alignment. Your culture needs to align with your core values.
Have fun and work as a team. Most educators don’t usually have fun. It makes the school an unhappy place and breeds unhappy students. We must define what happiness means to us.

In conclusion, excellence means looking our best, doing our best and being our best.

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