Cynthia Tysick

Innovative Pedagogy & Creative Spaces Librarian, University of New York at Buffalo

Innovative Pedagogy & Creative Spaces Librarian, University of New York at Buffalo


As the Innovative Pedagogy and Creative Spaces Librarian at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Cynthia brings her passion for education, technology, digital literacy, and information integrity to her research. Cynthia’s research and teaching interests span several critical areas:

1. Digital Identity: She delves into the formation of digital identities, exploring how individuals navigate the online landscape and construct their virtual personas.

2. Information Literacy: Cynthia is committed to equipping students with the skills needed to evaluate, use, and create information effectively. Her work extends beyond traditional classroom settings, aiming to empower learners globally.

3. Mis/Dis-Information Training and Assessment: In an era of abundant information, Cynthia investigates how students discern between reliable sources and misinformation. She examines the impact of the Internet, social media, and tools like Wikipedia and Google on critical thinking.

4. Education Technology Tools: As technology evolves, so do the tools for expression. Cynthia explores innovative ways to harness those innovations for instructional use by both teachers and students with the goal of fostering creativity and digital fluency among students.

Her collaborative spirit is exemplified through her work with the UB Center for Information Integrity (CII), UB Experiential Learning Network, and Uganda Martyr’s University. Through these partnerships, she collaborates with fellow researchers, educators, and practitioners to address pressing challenges in the digital age. Cynthia’s work contributes to shaping informed global citizens, emphasizing the pivotal role of libraries in education.



Fulbright Specialist Award (May-June 2023). Digital Pedagogy Skill Development for Faculty (FSP-P007889). Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi in Uganda.

Innovative Information Technology Grant (IITG), Fall 2017 (Tier 2-$15,000).  Title: “Postsecondary Information Literacy Readiness Assessment using ILAAP”. PI, Cynthia Tysick (University at Buffalo, Libraries).


Democratizing Faculty Professional Development: A collaborative, international approach. International Council on Open and Distance Education (ICDE). 2023.

Intellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries: The first- and second-year college student experience.  Editors Cynthia Tysick and Tiffany Walsh, SUNY Pressbooks. 2023. Book.


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