With the theme “Audacious,” this event aims to revolutionize African education by inspiring educators to embrace bold ideas and leverage technology. Attendees will engage in insightful discussions, explore innovative trends, and connect with influential thought leaders.

Edves, a pioneering educational technology company, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated event of the year, Edves Catalyst 2023. This edtech and non-edtech education conference, scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Lagos, is set to revolutionize the African education landscape by igniting audacity and fostering innovation in teaching and leadership.

Under the theme “Audacious,” Edves Catalyst 2023 aims to inspire school leaders and teachers to push boundaries, challenge norms, and reimagine the possibilities within education. As the world evolves at an unprecedented pace, it is imperative for educators to embrace audacious ideas and leverage technological advancements to shape the future of learning in Africa.

The conference will serve as a transformative platform, bringing together trailblazing educators, prominent experts, and influential thought leaders from across the continent and beyond. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, attend thought-provoking keynotes, and explore the latest trends in educational technology. From cutting-edge learning tools to innovative pedagogical approaches, Edves Catalyst 2023 will showcase the vast potential of integrating technology into the African education ecosystem.

Edves Catalyst 2023 will not only equip attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age but also foster meaningful connections and collaboration among education stakeholders. By joining this exceptional gathering, school leaders and teachers will be part of a larger movement, united in their audacity to transform education and create a brighter future for Africa’s k-12 students.

This event is not to be missed. It is a call to action, a rallying cry for all those passionate about education and its limitless possibilities. Join us in Lagos as we embark on an audacious journey, setting new standards and shaping the trajectory of education across the African continent. Together, let us unlock the audacious potential within us and revolutionize education for generations to come.

For more information and registration details, please visit the official Edves Catalyst 2023 website at https://catalyst.edves.net

About Edves (www.edves.net):

Edves is a leading educational technology company committed to transforming the African education landscape. With a focus on providing innovative solutions for schools, Edves empowers educators, students, and parents by leveraging the power of technology. Through its comprehensive suite of products and services, Edves aims to enhance teaching and learning experiences, promote efficiency, and drive positive educational outcomes.

Press Contact:

Name: Yohanna Bako

Title: Head Marketing and Communication

Email: yohanna.bako@edves.net

Register here: https://catalyst.edves.net/registration/

You can explore more about the catalyst event here: https://catalyst.edves.net/

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