Change is a constant and inevitable occurrence. The educational system experiences changes on a regular basis yet it has been able to thrive due to the innovative technological advancement enjoyed in the sector.

Looking ahead to 2030, The Organization for Economic Co-operation Development (OECD) presented a position paper titled, “The Future of Education and Skills, 2030” to give answers that support the notion that allows learners to thrive and shape their world by building the right kind of instructional system that would equip students with knowledge, skills, attitude, and values to enable them to thrive in a world constantly streaked with changes and pressing challenges.

Education is key to alleviating poverty”.

This is a popular statement that has been used by many to encourage and improve the educational sectors across the world. This is because education has the power to equip learners with a sense of purpose and competence that they need to shape their lives and also contribute to the lives of others.

In this position paper, OECD described that for learners to thrive above the global challenges in the environmental, economic, and social sectors, there is a need for a new notion of education. A notion that prepares students not just for work but one that equips them to be active, responsible, and engaged citizens.

Thus, a broader education goal involving the collective well-being of individuals was proposed by OECD with the reasoning that learners who are best prepared for the future are change agents, they can positively impact their surroundings and anticipate changes and their consequences.

What this means is that the future of education is one where learners of the 21st century are both competence-based and life-long learners so that they can be able to meet the needs of their current situation while staying ready to deal with the consequence of future changes.

So, the best way to breed learners who are both competent and versatile is to build infrastructures and provide resources that equip them to become one. It is for this reason that we organize an event every year called the Edves Catalyst Conference, to increase the awareness of Educators, School Owners, Teachers, Parents, and other stakeholders in the education sector about their responsibilities, the trends, and new direction in the sector while envisioning the future of education we want in Africa.

Are you yet to register for this event?

This is a two-day event that would be held on the 2nd – 3rd of June. An online and on-site event with speakers from across the world speaking on topics that encourages us to become Audacious in the way education is done in Africa.

Join us by registering and attending this conference, come June.

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