In the 1950s, digitization began with the advent of computers. Since then, the way we work, communicate, shop, bank, relax, and even manage our school operations and learning changed as the use of computers evolved.

With the potential to create, humans learned better ways to communicate. Our language evolved and gradually we moved from communicating with written and printed materials to communicating online.

In the past decades of the 19th century, technology evolved and can simply be placed in four phases:

The Audio-Visual Phase was a phase where education was viewed primarily as a process of transmitting information by a teacher to the students in the 1950s. It was a one-way communication between teachers and students with teaching aids such as maps, books, and charts.

Then came the Cybernetic Phase where the principle of feedback was introduced. This principle was used during World War II because it became necessary to have systematic communication and control systems. In education, the goal became to ensure learners’ growth, learners had meaningful relationships with their teachers and elements of their growth and were engaged in both verbal and non-verbal contexts in varied situations and practices.

Constructivist psychologists Piaget and Bruner pointed out that external forces do not just teach a human individual, but he learns, constructs his own world, organizes his learning, masters the environment around and changes his behavior at his initiative. While sociologists added that humans could learn in groups and through interaction with peers and others. This introduced the next phase, the Psychology-Sociology Based Phase which considered human behavior to learning modifying the teaching-learning process and educational technology.

Flooded with software technologies, multimedia, email, internet, intranet, and website are extensively being used for education and training. This is the Computer and Telecommunication Phase. With the right tools, instructional materials can now be given to students, and learning is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom.

This is the phase we are in NOW.

As educators, it has become necessary that you are on par with the dynamics existing in this phase.

Educational technologies evolved from a non-interactive and restricted model to one which developed and maintained interactions with students within and outside the classroom.

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