The 1997 CEO forum report described that educators are the deciding factor in whether technology is successfully integrated into classrooms and schools.

When the world was hit with a global pandemic, the education sector was massively affected. Schooling and learning for billions of students were disrupted because most schools were not equipped with the necessary resources to enable teaching and learning outside the “brick walls” of the classroom.

We are in the post-Covid times, yet the aftermath of the pandemic still streaks us. Schools are yet to recover from this disruption; hence the battle with learning crises ravaging the globe.

Schools whose operations were not disrupted by the pandemic either had a ready structure to transition and continue engaging their students outside the classroom or had access to expertise and technology to enable them to achieve this.

How can every student/school benefit from this innovative tech solution that encourages continuous learning? It starts with the decision of the educators.

This is why every year since 2017, we organize an event for educators and other stakeholders to interact with speakers of vast knowledge and experience. Every year, we hope that the solutions presented at this event will inspire participants to take actionable steps to solve the challenges faced in the sector.

This year, we are audacious and plan to discuss bold steps educators can apply in their schools to measure learning and solve learning crises.

We are committed to taking learning beyond the brick wall.

Register here: to attend this year’s catalyst event. It is a two-day event that promises to be value-driven and impactful.

Join us!!!!

Photo credit: Organized for Life

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