Audacious solutions to Learning Crises

An article in Teachmint described that the aim of education is not just knowledge but action.

In the last Edves catalyst event, both speakers and panellists made it succinctly clear that acquiring knowledge is not enough but being able to digest and demonstrate the knowledge gained is very important. When this is achieved, learning has taken place and education is also achieved.

Before now, we were faced with the challenge of the high number of children who are out of school and so the focus was on increasing the number of children enrolled with little attention paid to the quality of education they would receive.

The 2022 report by RISE cited that children ages 10- 12 who have completed basic education in developing countries still lack foundational skills such as reading and basic mathematics. This was attributed to the slow pace of learning.

To build an education system that is focused on learning, RISE recommended five actions to solve this learning crisis. They are:

♣ Commit to learning,

♣Align all the different parts of education to learning,

♣ Measure learning to track progress,

♣ Support teaching and

♣ Adapt locally what we adopt to effectively deliver educational goals.

Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to carry out these five actions and achieve learning outcomes.    

Our vision in Edves is to reimagine education and make learning easy by serving schools with innovative tech solutions. Schools that are on board with Edves can testify to this also.

Our solutions give schools the platform to commit to learning, track learning, focus on learning, adapt effective teaching mechanisms and manage student performance, while parents can easily and freely check the performance of their children.

This is what we hope to see for all schools in Nigeria and Africa.  To bring this awareness to the schools in Nigeria and Africa, we organize the Edves Catalyst event every year to further buttress the importance of applying technology in our education system to optimize our learning outcomes.

This year, the team at Edves Limited are audacious and we would like to invite you to be audacious with us. Take those bold steps to set up a system in your school that is focused on LEARNING.

Register to attend the event either on-site in Lagos or online. Register here:

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