Edves Catalyst 2018 - Out of the Box

What’s Next After “Out of the Box”?…

For about three years now EDVES – An Edtech Company that creates software for school to assist the learning process and to aid teaching outcomes has been involved in an annual boot camp programme for Educators called Catalyst. EDVES Catalyst was initiated out of the need to prepare teachers and educators on the technological changes around and also to look into creative means to improve educational standards to raise better citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

The first Catalyst program was tagged “Accelerating School Growth and Impact”. It was a crucial event to save teaching outcomes and to look into ways to foster real-time growth and development especially pertaining to education and teaching. Top Industrialist, Educational specialist, and business moguls were speakers and panelist at the event. The event ended on a positive note with the hope that education can indeed be saved especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Last Year 2018, EDVES Catalyst program was themed “Out of the box” and it was indeed bigger than the previously held catalyst program, In fact, it was tagged as the largest Bootcamp program for educators in West Africa. The event particular seeks to look into creative measures to push education and teaching into the next phase. The Theme “OUT OF THE BOX” is an expression that describes creative thinking. The term is used to describe the thinking or as an adjective to describe the ideas. The term is said to derive from a famous puzzle created by early 20th-century British mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney, in which someone is asked to interconnect nine dots in a three-by-three grid by using four straight lines drawn without the pencil leaving the paper. In order to be successful, the puzzle solver has to realize that the boundaries of the dot array are psychological. The only way to solve the puzzle is to extend the lines beyond the artificial boundary created by the nine-dot. So, in a nutshell, the event was aimed at how teaching and education can possibly be pushed beyond the conventional boundaries into creative and evolving ways of teaching to produce the best out of kids in this emerging economy.

“Out of the box” was indeed a huge success as many educators who attend testifies that they have learned valuable lessons and practical suggestions that they will henceforth adopt to make better their teaching practices. One of the participant of the program Onyi Nwezi wrote on the EDVES catalyst social media group page “Through Out of the box I have learned the reverse model of information delivery that involves the use of pictures and Videos without sound. I think this is a sure way of stimulating my students to learn”

Now, what Next after “Out of the box”, literally we mean to ask what happens when you are no longer contained by environmental barriers? What happens when you have adopted new measures to produce the best out of your educational circumstances? What happens when you are putting to practice the best of your creative ideas to teach? What happens next…? Yes, you begin to EXPLORE!

In EXPLORE 2019, Our aim is to help teachers discover ways to build students who are not just going to pass class grade but will be taught in a way as to deliver solutions to practical life problems. what we aim to achieve is to seek limitless opportunities educators can adopt to raise Global citizens. To learn and to teach on the practical measure educators can use to build a total child.

The program which comes up 8th June 2019 will include Keynote lectures and breakout sections that will be handled by top-class facilitators and experts across areas of specialization. In the break out sections, participants will be grouped into smaller circles to teach and to learn a wide range of adoptable lessons from School Marketing for school administrators to building a total man for class teachers. Other activates that will be involved in the program includes: Out of school children solutions, New Edtech Trends and Adoption, Growth Academy and lots more!

EDVES Catalyst 2019 – Explore! Changing the narrative of education in Africa!