Pauline Tomlin

Accomplished Education Leader, Teacher & Personal Development Coach

As a leader, Educator, Speaker, Manager and Writer, I have an enviable reputation & proven track record for getting results. Whether it is from Education Leaders and their teams or private clients I coach. This is in addition to the enviable record I have for the attainment & progress of the pupils I have and continue to teach.

My USP is a proven ability to motivate clients, pupils and colleagues alike. I connect them with their magnificence so that they achieve their desired outcomes.

I am a great believer in the innate wonder of the universe, the intrinsic goodness of my fellow humans and always seek to find the ‘magic’​ in my interactions and daily life.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are all amazing, we all have a gift to contribute to our society and that we are here to ‘connect’​ and support one another.

I am a practitioner who always demonstrates the highest level of administrative competence and who achieves optimal levels of personal performance and accomplishment both for myself and those I work for.

When I communicate it is always delivered confidently, with compassion and with respect whether my interaction is with Clients, fellow Educators, Business associates, pupils, sub-ordinates or support personnel. My objective is to ensure communication is supportive not least because it’s always executed with a smile. : )

My objectives are to be an inspiration to everyone I come in to contact with, to support others so that they step into being their very best selves, to love passionately, dream big and live abundantly.

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