EDVES Catalyst is this weekend! We can’t contain how excited we are – quite a number of gruesome deliberations have gone into the planning of the program and we are sure to deliver to all participant a day filled with thrilling and impactful moments.
Just to pull back a bit, Edves catalyst is a community Bootcamp program for Educators, Teachers, School Administrators, and Edutech Enthusiasts. It’s an annual program where we showcase technology and tools that can drive Education’s systemic transformation, hear from industry leaders and professionals talk about ways to enhance learning and of course foster networking and partnership opportunities amidst Educators. The feedback we have received from our previously held Catalyst program shows how impactful it is growing to be in the educational sphere in Sub-Saharan African.
This Year’s program is themed EXPLORE! And through EXPLORE we aim to achieve limitless opportunities educators can adapt to Raise Global citizens. we want to highlight three (3) reasons why you should be at EDVES Catalyst program.
1.    The Nature of work is changing – All thanks to the 4th Industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence and a host of other technologies are changing the way we work. A stenography which was highly useful in the 1900s is currently obsolete through computer invention. Truth is we are not trying to compete with Machines, we arguably cannot but we can get ourselves prepared and updated into understanding how this machine works and how amazingly great we can become through a partnership with this tools.
2.    Not just about grades but about life – We have hit that mark in our County where we produce thousands of outstanding graduate who has little or nothing to contribute to the reformation of the country, and this is largely because the height of expectations has always been Exams and Good Grades only – How about we build student who will be just as much equipped for life as they are for exams? This is pivotal to us and the program will be a big avenue for us to dive deeply into this subject matter.
3.    You can do so much more – Coffee never knew it could taste so great till it met sugar and Milk. Analytics have shown that education in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole is still larger below the bar. Finland, for example, emerged as one of the best places in the world conducive for educational activities. Through a joint partnership with technologies, we plan to showcase at the event we are sure to give a massive turnover and a complete resuscitating to the educational outcome of our country starting from each classroom.
Our Team is ready to host you! Our speakers are excited to have you come to hear them speak! We really hope you don’t miss this landmark moment.
If you haven’t registered yet you can still do that Here. The date is Saturday, 8th July 2019, Check Venue Here
Our options are not limited so it’s time to Explore!

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