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10 Things we learnt from EDVES Catalyst 2019 – EXPLORE

EDVES Catalyst 2019 themed EXPLORE is arguably the most impactful educator’s held so far in Sub-Saharan Africa. While the Event seems to be over but the reverie it left in our heart still lingers on.
Just In case you missed it or you needed a refresher this is the right piece for you. To be candid it’s a little tough highlighting Just 10 Lessons from the event because of the world-class seminars, the exceptional lectures and the Intriguing speech’s but however, we have highlighted some of the most amazing lessons we learned.

Curiosity is a tool that can be used to redefine Education: – During the Keynote address delivered by Andrew Alli, he remarkably said: “Success is largely driven by Curiosity”. Curiosity is the fuel that can make anybody inquisitive to learn. It can drive a student into doing research and reading. Curiosity is a tool can be included in the teaching practices to enable student creates the future. It makes them Limitless in their Imagination and it is important for National Development.

Technological Inclusion is School is a necessity for Advancement:- While Dimeji Falana, the CEO of EDVES was Introducing the EDVES Newly launched products – AITEND & LOBYEDVES, One of the amazing remarks he made was that Artificial  Intelligence adoption in school will revolutionize the whole learning and Teaching process. Student can relate with Learning in a way that is most suitable for them and Teacher performance will be boosted through this inclusion. Talk of the Future – This is the Future!

Out of classroom Learning Structures and Model must be created: – From Chieneye Mba-Uzoukwu Section one the fundamental fact he explained is the enormous number of students that are currently out of the classroom. According to the Statistics up to about 1.8Million classroom are needed to accommodate all students and Pupils in Nigeria which is currently not visible which thereby necessitate the creation of other learning structure that can suit all the population of students. We must accept that learning must go beyond borders and all hands must be on deck to foster this challenge.

Our Lives revolve around stories so teach with Stories: – Prof Ike-Elechi Ogba (Ph.D.) The section was remarkably one of the spice section at the Event he spoke on the Psychology of Flip Stories. Some of his words include “We lost the tangibility of learning when we lost the act of stories’ Stories are the earliest known means of conveying truth and lesson in a manner that is most easy to comprehend by any listener. The tangibility of storytelling is in its high retention rate – everyone tends to remember stories better and easier than anything else. Lessons taken through this model helps the cognitive and incorporating it in the classroom will boost student performances.

Classroom Engagement is as important as what is been taught: – Classroom Engagement is an important practice that should be embraced by every teacher. Pauline Tomlin explained that Classroom engagement is a fuse of motivation and inspiration that drives impactful learning. In an engaging classroom, the learning environment is conducive for students to be part of the learning process, speak up their mind and ask possible questions that are on their mind.

School Administrator should always be particular about Student Retention: – As a School administrator, it is important to pay attention to Student retention in School Marketing. Your school should be a place where student come and stay. As an educator, it is very important to look into models to ensure that every student in your school finds your school conducive and convenient for them.

Build your School Growth Model on Referrals: – A very effective marketing strategy that can upscale your school is the Referral Model of Advertising. It fuses Mouth to Mouth witness of your school gives a credible claim for your school even more than Ads and Billboards. This method advertises your school even at your back. One effective way to boost this in your school is to ensure maximum satisfaction for every each of your customer (Parents/guardians).

Build a Culture of Excellence for your school: – Rotimi Eyitayo said “Growth is a deliberate result of an action” Therefore it is important for everyone to be intentional about establishing an excellent mindset in the school through actionable goals that births growth. Excellence is not gotten through luck it must be a deliberate practice. So be intentional about an excellent culture for establishment.

Use Technology that suit the Current Generation: – EDVES C00 Dare Adebayo during the panel discussion time highlighted that one of the uniqueness of the current technology provided by EDVES is that it is deployed specially made to suit the current generation of students. On the EDVES software, for example, Students can find relevant content across all formats (Audio, Video and other formats) that is suitable just for them.

EDVES is still the best Software for your school! : – Yes (Winks!) EDVES is the best software system perfectly suited for your school. EDVES demonstrated its commitment to Digital education and making teaching practices easier and less stressful through the launch of their two latest products developed and built by them – AITEND and LOBYEDVES. AITEND is an artificial intelligence-based product which uses facial recognition to mark student attendance in a classroom while LOBYEDVES is an integrated learning platform that uses multi-curriculums to test students of what has been taught. This Product enhances student academic performance. EDVES is not just a Management software but also a learning platform where students can get updated and relevant content to aid their learning activities. This is the future!

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