Trisha Callella

Product Partnerships at Digital Promise

Dr. Trisha Callella works with Digital Promise Global at the intersection of education, technology, and learning sciences research. She was a teacher, instructional coach, Director of Educational Technology, and Director of Innovation for K-12 school districts in the United States sharing her passion for globally connected learning. Trisha is the published author of over 50 teacher resource books where she turned research into actionable practices emphasizing innovative pedagogical approaches and activities. As an international speaker, she has presented on topics ranging from literacy to STEM and entrepreneurship. With a passion for technology, she has worked with many startups as an advisor, consultant, and pedagogical designer. She received her doctorate from USC in Educational Psychology: Learning Sciences, co-created and leads the Cotsen Principals Tech Network, and is on the faculty of Western Governors University working with teachers earning their Masters degrees. With Digital Promise Global, she is focused on helping educators and edtech companies design learning experiences to best support the full diversity of learners through the Learner Variability Project.